International Payroll Services

Simplifying global payroll.

IRIS FMP is a trusted provider of global payroll, benefits, payments and HR solutions for organizations expanding globally. Operating in 135 countries worldwide.

Trusted partner in global payroll services.

We support businesses in 135 countries worldwide to reach their expansion goals.

Complexities of global payroll

With varying languages, currencies, benefits, and most importantly, legislative compliance to contend with across different countries, global payroll can feel impossible to navigate.

It’s no surprise that global payroll can seem overwhelming when failure to comply with local legislation can:

  • Put your business at serious risk of costly fines and penalties
  • Develop into lawsuits when not managed
  • Cause a damaged, sometimes irreparable reputation
  • Result in the closure of your overseas business.

Compliant. Managed. Simplified.

At IRIS FMP, our experts have an in-depth understanding of local legislation across multiple countries, meeting regulatory standards and ensuring full compliance in every country we operate in. We deliver compliant, managed, and simplified global payroll to help your business expand, so you can rest assured your payroll is being taken care of as it should when you work with us

Centralized international payroll – across every country

Looking for a cloud-based payroll portal that gives you full visibility across every aspect of your global payroll? Look no further than IRIS FMP’s new payroll portal.

Our international payroll services​

Payroll onboarding & off-boarding.

Across 135 countries, we help businesses seamlessly and compliantly ​on-board and off-board employees from payroll to save your business valuable time.


  • Complexity discovery sessions​
  • In-country authority registration​ & set-up​
  • In-country payroll configuration​
  • Parallel run(s)​


  • De-registration of employees and payroll with local authorities
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International payroll & payment services

Secure payroll processing & calculation.

As global payroll experts who understand the complexities of delivering payroll solutions in multiple locations, languages and currencies, we have the ability to process complex in-country payroll calculations correctly and securely, without fail.

Preparation & Calculations

  • Employee changes​
  • Salary changes ​
  • Variable pay & bonuses​
  • Holiday & absences​
  • Statutory changes​
  • Income tax (national & regional)

  • Employer’s and employees’ social security​
  • Benefits​
  • General ledger reporting​
  • Salary calculation​
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International payroll & payment services

International payments​.

Paying your overseas employees shouldn’t have to be painful. You need to make regular payments, so you need a partner that is consistent, reliable and punctual. At IRIS FMP, we ensure that your global workforce receive their pay on time, every time in their local currency.

Request & Receipt of Funds

  • Raise Funds Request (FR) with breakdown of foreign liabilities for payment (salaries, social security, taxes primarily)​
  • Funds collection management, money movement and funds allocation processes​
  • Commit, reconcile and cross-reference trades​
  • Reconcile disbursements & post trade reporting ​

Employee Payments

  • Pay employees in their local currency

Other Beneficiary Payments

  • Pay local beneficiaries in their local currency from in- country bank accounts e.g. social security and income tax obligations
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International payroll & payment services

End of year statutory reporting​.

There’s no need to worry about deadlines. We ensure that you meet all local deadlines with compliant filing and reporting from our expert, in-country teams.

End of Year Reporting​

  • Country specific Tax Year-End (TYE) procedures, processes and timescales
  • Review of payroll settings and reconciliation activities
  • Production and disbursement of final pay runs & reports
  • Updating of employee records (allowances, tax codes, social security records, share plans)
  • Updating of relevant authorities

New Tax Year

  • Ensure you are compliant for any new local legislation changes
  • Adjust director settings for the new tax year
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Why choose IRIS FMP for global payroll?

It’s no surprise that IRIS FMP are a globally trusted payroll partner. Not only is our goal to harmonize your global workforce as you grow, but we also save you time and money. We take the pain away from payroll to allow you to focus on your strategic goals and improve the engagement and performance of your global workforce.

Simplified, Accelerated People Performance

Seamlessly, compliantly onboarding your organization and people to rapidly unlock your talent investment by reducing their time to value.

Trusted Excellence in Global Payroll & Benefits

We take the complexity away from local pay & benefits, ensuring your growing global workforce are paid accurately on-time, every time.

Global Expertise, ​ Local Knowledge

Our qualified & experienced global HR specialists work in partnership with ​you to maximize your global workforce’s full potential.

Solutions That Flex ​With Your Growth

Flexible people-led pay & HR solutions supporting you across the employee & ​ global expansion lifecycle​.

Industry-recognised Awards & Accreditations

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Operating in 135 countries worldwide.

We have helped businesses take the plunge and expand their operations overseas for over four decades. Take a look at some of the countries we can provide payroll solutions for.

Global expertise, local knowledge.

You’ll have access to one dedicated point of contact, but you’ll benefit from a broader network of in-country experts.

No matter where your business is operating from, our experts will have a strong understanding of local laws and legislation to keep your payroll in safe hands.

Trusted market leaders in global payroll & HR services.

To be a leading global payroll provider, you need a proven track record of your expertise – and we have just that.


Happy customers from all industry sectors all across the globe


Countries where we can deliver ‘in-country’ payroll & HR services​


Or 90% of the global workforce covered by our payroll & HR solutions ​


in global payment disbursements paid per annum by IRIS ​


Over four decades of helping customers grow with our payroll & HR solutions​

Download our international payroll services brochure.

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Discover an integrated payroll and HR payroll solution

Whether it’s navigating currencies, different languages, or legislative compliance, international expansion brings many challenges.

By covering every stress point with the expertise of both HR and payroll in-country experts, you can experience true peace of mind afforded by a holistic solution.

Operating in 135 countries worldwide, we’ll help you reach your expansion goals overseas with our multi-country payroll services, alongside global HR services.

Our combined payroll services include:

  • Payroll onboarding & offboarding,
  • Secure payroll processing & calculation,
  • International payments,
  • End of year statutory reporting,
  • …and more.

Expanding fast? We do much more than global payroll.

At IRIS FMP we do more than pay your employees. We are able to provide a complete end-to-end service that scales with your business. We can unify global payroll & HR to get you up and running overseas faster and more efficiently, improving employee time to value.

Our flexible approach not only ensures payroll and people compliance, but it also enhances productivity and improves engagement and performance of your global workforce. Our payroll solution is fully scalable to ensure you have maximum support every step of the way.

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End of Year Statutory Reporting
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International payroll service FAQs

How does global payroll work?

When making the switch from solely domestic payroll to global payroll, there are many challenges to overcome. Different countries present different problems to navigate for a foreign employer, whether that’s time zones, language barriers, or currencies to name a few. A global payroll solutions provider is there to help you with these challenges, making global payroll work for individual companies.

Which country’s laws apply to a foreign worker?

One of the most difficult things to navigate when expanding to global payroll is achieving compliance. Each country’s unique laws must be taken into account, and any deviation from this may cause fines or even closures of international branches. 
Learn more 

Should global payroll be run independently or as part of a global HR function? 

While international payroll and HR can be run
independently to suit the needs of an individual organization, ensuring your payroll and HR provision is unified when expanding globally is the key to many successful global expansions.
An integrated approach helps to reduce miscommunication and ultimately costly errors. At IRIS FMP, we provide fully-integrated international payroll and HR services to deliver highly-effective integrated strategies.

I want to run international payroll in more than one country – is it possible?

Yes, you can run international payroll in more than just one country. If you’re looking to operate in more than your own country, your international payroll strategy can cater to this.
A trusted international payroll provider such as IRIS FMP will have access to multilingual experts across the globe who will be able to run an efficient operation in multiple locations

It’s important for us to work with a team that really understands French payroll, tax and government legislation, and FMP does. They take our needs as a client seriously and fulfil them.

Yvonne Davit, Payroll Administrator at Hootsuite

I cannot say enough positives about our experience with FMP. Everyone prioritises providing the highest level of customer service… We could not have chosen a better business partner for our needs

Pat Pucci, Human Resources Director, Maritz Global Events

“We soon noticed the benefits of having the different payrolls under one bureau; we could use the same format to submit changes to all of them… We have experts on-hand to deal with any queries that come up, and they run our payrolls efficiently and correctly every month.” 

Sarah Clarke, Payroll Manager at Westcoast Limited

“We have one Account Manager to deal with, rather than having a different one for each location. The Account Manager is always very helpful & all communication is in English.”

Leonie Lennon Senior Payroll & Benefits Administrator

“We love that IRIS is fully managed, it requires minimal work from us, everything is so effortless and seamless! It’s saved us so much time not having to learn and look into how to manage international payroll, everything is handled for us.”

Naomi Van EA and Office Manager Up Learn

“FMP is very easy to do business with and responds to emails on a timely bases. Very willing to answer any questions and concerns we have concerning payroll and reports”

Kim Adrian Sr. Payroll Specialist RF-SMART

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